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A-Day Game "Sells Out"

Yeah, that's 92,000+ plus for practice.

Just got back in from the A-Day game. I'm about to drive to Birmingham and will post more once I'm up there, but I did want to mention that Bryant-Denny Stadium was filled well beyond the official capacity. 92,000+ for a practice game. Oh yeah, they had to close the gates in the second quarter (that was announced over the P.A.) and early estimates are that they turned 10,000 people away.

Update [2007-4-21 21:48:34 by Todd]:

Not only was the crowd of 92,138 the new record for A-day, it's the new record period, easily topping the former unofficial attendance record of 73,000 set by Tennessee (boo! hiss!) in 1986. Take that, Vols!