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Vol fans (and Deadspin with them) are easily duped...

It first popped up on Loser With Socks, was then picked up by Deadspin, and now, several weeks later, is up at Rocky Top Talk.  What am I talking about?  This video of a couple of "Alabama Fans" doing a video/show/cast/whatever called Tide Pride Talk:

I'll admit to being a little embarassed the first few seconds I watched it over at Loser With Socks, but then I started noticing something; these guys are the epitome of everything our rivals fans think we are.  Names like "Willy Ray" and "Cletus Stumps" were either tongue in cheek aliases or outright fabrications, the redneck accents were too exaggerated to be real, the worship of Bear Bryant was far too overzealous, and so on.  Now, I'm not saying that Alabama fans haven't done things to cause others to feel this way about all of us.  But come on, this had to be a fake.  So I did a little digging (if by digging I mean going to the actual YouTube page) and found that the video is listed under the category "Comedy" and that the provider in question, "Good Commitment," is a "weekly comedy show featuring it's creators, Kary Rogers and James Comans" from, get this, Starkville.  So yeah, clearly a couple of State students/alumns (or worse, fans) poking some fun at their closest geographical rival.  So in that spirit, I give you a bunch of guys I assume are pretending to be Tennessee fans:

Shootin' gives a man an appetite!

Update [2007-4-26 10:2:54 by Todd]: Curses! Orson used the hillbilly video yesterday! So, since we clearly need a new video of what we picture Tenneessee fans doing in their spare time, and since I don't have time to find one, here's your chance to waste precious hours on YouTube finding said videos and providing them in the comments. The funniest one will go up tomorrow. Also, this thing is weird about some html code, so if you want to post just the URL I'll come back tonight and embed them all, or if you think you're brave enough to tinker with it then just remove the command wmode="transparent" from the code.