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Another Day, Another Bama Podcast

RBR and TideCast, two great tastes that taste great together! If you haven't been listening to the guys at TideCast, make sure and do so. You can set your iTunes to download it automatically and take it with you, or just go to the site and download directly from them. Either way, it's always good stuff. They were nice enough to invite us to participate last night, and since Nico was in class (sucka!), I was forced to set the PS2 controller aside for half an hour and talk on the phone about Alabama football (which is way easier than all this HTML business. Maybe we should look into this podcasting thing...). Anyway, I tried my best to not sound stoned this time since my bad habit of mumbling and then suddenly getting really excited about what I'm talking about and then mumbling more makes me sound really weird on the phone, but I'll let y'all be the judge of how it came off.

...and then, I was like, "ohmygawd, DJ Hall is, like, so AWESOME!" and they were all, like, "What about Keith Brown?" and I was, like, "he is so, super awesome, TOO!"...