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Monday AM Links and Such

It's the silly season, so here's some random links and musings as we enter the long night until the start of fall camp:

The Capstone Report is a tease.

The Girl wrote a good bit for The Daily Mississippian, and she would often tell me about the thrill of seeing your name in print.  I, of course, never paid much attention until I saw this...


...and she is totally right.  I'm sure Hack and Nicole could share a few tales, too.

SMQ digs up the reason why cities clamor to host and promote even the most craptacular of bowls.

The Card Chronicle is saying what we're all thinking:

One of the great mysteries of my life is why I continue to return to ESPN in search of quality sports information when they consistently leave me feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. I'm just like the women in those Lifetime movies.

Paul Westerdawg's age caught up to him while ripping CDs for his iPod.  

Twenty years ago, this was the first CD I ever spent my own money on.  Now that I look back, I can't believe the things my parents let me listen to when I was nine years old.

The bad news: Our latest recruiting commitment probably won't be making any immediate impact. The good news:  Saban will apparently be around for at least sixteen more years.

Christopher Walsh takes a look at the various Alabama teams' performances against in state rival Auburn.  It ain't pretty.

Alabama athletics this past season was about as pretty as Sandra Bernhard.

And speaking of "not pretty," ever wondered what a bunch of famous women would look like bald?