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SEC Baseball Week in Review

Tuesday, April 24th thru Sunday, April 29th

Western Division

4/25 Bama 2 vs Samford 5
4/27 Bama 10 vs South Carolina 5
4/28 Bama 1 vs South Carolina 4
4/29 Bama 11 vs South Carolina 10

Okay, seriously. After dropping their series in Auburn last weekend and falling to Samford in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday (not to mention several other embarassing mid-week collapses over the past few weeks), we pull it together to take two of three from the fifth ranked 'Cocks? The baseball team must have been hanging around with the basketball team. We'll take the field again today for a visit from Mississippi Valley State before heading to Gainesville on Friday. Who knows what's going to happen?

4/25 Arkansas 10 vs Wichita State 2
4/27 Arkansas 12 at Auburn 1
4/28 Arkansas 9 at Auburn 11
4/29 Arkansas 8 at Auburn 1

Despite dominating Auburn during Friday and Sunday's meetings, the Hawgs couldn't get the sweep, falling to the Teagles 11-9 on Saturday. They get the rest of the week off before welcoming LSU on Friday.

4/25 Auburn 4 at Troy 5
4/27 Auburn 1 vs Arkansas 12
4/28 Auburn 11 vs Arkansas 9
4/29 Auburn 1 vs Arkansas 8

After an epic, 16 inning loss to Troy during the week, the Teagles dropped two of three to visiting Arkansas. They'll have time to lick their wounds as they won't take the field again until Friday in Starkville.

4/27 LSU 1 vs Tennessee 7
4/28 LSU 4 vs Tennessee 2
4/29 LSU 9 vs Tennessee 10

Despite the week off to prepare, LSU couldn't handle the visiting Vols (boo! hiss!), dropping the deciding game on Sunday in ten innings. They'll welcome both Southern and Nicholls State to Alex Box for a double header this afternoon before heading to Fayetteville on Friday.

4/24 Ole Miss 9 vs Murray State 0
4/27 Ole Miss 17 vs State 7
4/28 Ole Miss 5 vs State 1
4/29 Ole Miss 1 vs State 4

There was sweet revenge for the Rebs this weekend. After watching State take home the Governor's Cup the week before, The Rebels routed the visiting Bulldogs 17-7 on Friday before also winning Saturday's contest to take the weekend series. They'll spend tomorrow just up the road in Memphis, before heading to the other end of Tennessee on Friday for a date with the Vols (boo! hiss!).

4/24 State 11 vs Southern Miss 2
4/25 State 7 vs Southern Miss 4
4/27 State 7 at Ole Miss 17
4/28 State 1 at Ole Miss 5
4/29 State 7 at Ole Miss 1

The Bulldogs couldn't hold the Governor's Cup over Ole Miss's head for too long, as they dropped two of three in Oxford. They'll get the week off before welcoming the Teagles to Starkville on Friday.

Eastern Division

4/27 Florida 1 at Vandy 10
4/28 Florida 6 at Vandy 17
4/29 Florida 5 at Vandy 13

For once it wasn't a good weekend to be a Gator fan. After coming in third in the gymanstics national championships, despite being the #1 team in the country (does anyone smell a college football playoff debate brewing?), all while watching the hated Dawgs win a third straight national title, the Gator baseball team got swept in Nashville. They'll get the week off before welcoming Alabama to Gainesville.

4/24 UGA 10 at Ga Tech 7
4/25 UGA 12 at Western Carolina 7
4/27 UGA 7 at Kentucky 8
4/28 UGA 9 at Kentucky 3
4/29 UGA 5 at Kentucky 13

The Dawgs made the trip to Atlanta once again, this time getting the better of the Yellowjackets at Turner Field, and tacked on another road win at Western Carolina before hitting a blue wall in Lexington. They'll take the field again today against a visiting Wofford team before welcoming Vandy to beautiful Athens on Friday.

4/25 Kentucky 9 vs Louisville 5
4/27 Kentucky 8 vs UGA 7
4/28 Kentucky 3 vs UGA 9
4/29 Kentucky 13 vs UGA 5

It was a good week to be a 'Cats baseball fan, as they got the better of in state rival Louisville before taking two of three from Georgia. They'll get the week off before traveling to Columbia for a date with the 'Cocks on Friday.

4/24 South Carolina 6 vs Davidson 2
4/25 South Carolina 5 at Clemson 14
4/27 South Carolina 10 at Alabama 5
4/28 South Carolina 4 at Alabama 1
4/29 South Carolina 10 at Alabama 11

Roll Tide!

4/24 UT 14 at ETSU 8
4/25 UT 9 at Wofford 16
4/27 UT 7 at LSU 1
4/28 UT 2 at LSU 4
4/29 UT 10 at LSU 9

The Vols gutted one out Sunday in the tenth to take their road series with LSU. After a long week on the road, they'll take the week off before welcoming the Ole Miss Rebels to Knoxville.

4/25 Vandy 12 vs Tenn Tech 10
4/27 Vandy 10 vs Florida 1
4/28 Vandy 17 vs Florida 6
4/29 Vandy 13 vs Florida 5

When it comes to baseball, I don't guess it's ever a bad week to be a Commodore, but this week was definitely a good one as Vandy extended their win streak to seven with a sweep of the visiting Gators. They'll take the week off before traveling to Athens for the weekend.