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And People Say We're Crazy...

The ongoing saga of Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt (as chronicled by EDSBS's Las Cronicas De Boss Hawg) took an even stranger turn yesterday.  Hack is all over accusations that Nutt sought both the Miami and NC State head coaching positions, went behind former OC Gus Malzahn's back to recruit former Arkansas assistant David Lee as the new OC during the season, and that he is having an affair with a local news anchor.  While these aren't the strangest accustations ever made about an unpopular coach, the method by which they were formulated is.  It all comes from a file (.pdf format) put together by a rabid fan using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain Nutt's cell phone records.  So yeah, next time you hear about how crazy and obsessive Alabama fans are, at least we're only tracking flight plans to try and guess who our new coach might be instead of pouring over the coach's cell phone records.

Houston Nutt isn't the only thing associated with Arkansas football that fits the description "crazier than a bag of weasels" anymore.