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Jim Rome can....

Wynalda: Telling it like it is

We try to keep things rated "PG" around here, but sometimes you can't worry about your self-imposed "PG" rating. In the case of news, you have to report something exactly as it happened because that's how it happened. ESPN soccer analyst and former US National team star Eric Wynalda said some harsh things in a recent interview with the website

Wynalda was asked who he thought could be a significant factor in the growth of soccer in America and his general answer was ESPN. He was however, quite critical of renowned soccer basher Jim Rome and had this to say about him:

Jim Rome can suck my d**k! And he should be very afraid, because I'm the kind of guy, if I get too many drinks in me, I will club his ass.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Wynalda has been suspended for today's opening game of the Major League Soccer season.

...Eric Wynalda will be replaced by Julie Foudy alongside Dave O'Brien for ABC's DC United-Colorado Rapids MLS game on Saturday.

ESPN does not comment on suspensions (and, in fact, won't confirm that Wynalda is on suspension). It is assumed that Wynalda, who has apologized for his remarks, will return for the first Thursday prime-time game on ESPN2 featuring FC Dallas against the Galaxy.

It's been an interesting week for ESPN personalities when you consider this alongside the  latest Colin Cowherd drama.