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Monday AM Links and Such

 Cecil Hurt's column this week chronicles the "off year" for the Tide:

Even with hope remaining in some of Alabama's more successful spring sports -- softball, the men's and women's golf teams and the men's tennis team, with its NCAA upset of Duke on Saturday -- it's still been a dismal year for Alabama. The Crimson Tide will finish the season without winning a single Southeastern Conference championship in any sport.

The big question, of course, is will the enthusiasm, expectations and, hopefully, results created by the Saban hire spill over to the rest of Crimson Tide athletics?

Renewed football success should mean renewed success across the board (that is what happened in the late 1970's, a golden age for football and for all-sports excellence at UA.) The competition is stiff in the SEC - but Alabama needs to show that it intends to compete fervently in everything, not just football.

Finebaum breaks down the OOC slate for the SEC and, unsurprisingly, UGA came out on top.  Paul Westerdawg has a list of the name teams the Dawgs have faced and will face over the next several years.

Since the 12th game appeared, Damon & Co. have done a great job of lining up quality opponents alongside GT.
Clemson - '02, '03, '13, '14
Colorado - '06, '10
Oklahoma State - '07, '09
Arizona State - '08, '09
Louisville - '11, '12
Oregon - '15, '16

Alchemist posted his worries about an LSU beatdown of our own beloved Tide in the coming season yesterday, and I'll be doing the same tonight, though I'm not so much worried about an end of the season matchup as one that's at the start of the season.  I'll give you a hint:  They have a billion bloggers.

And no, we don't play Michigan this year.

Tide Softball will host Tennessee Tech, Cal, and Florida State in one of 16 NCAA regionals this weekend (May 18-20).  Tickets can be purchased at, the ticket window at Coleman Coliseum, or by calling 205-348-BAMA.

Hack has moved to Wordpress, and he's got a post detailing why he is an Alabama fan.  One of these days I'll get around to writing one for myself.

If it's the offseason, then it's time to start ranking hottness.  The Sporting Orange is there.

And speaking of hottness, $150 a year to walk around naked?  Screw that, if any of you hot college girls want to hang out at my place I'll only be charging $5.

Group rates are available.