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The False Bravado of Auburn Fans

Today makes it 2000 days since the last time Alabama won the Iron Bowl, and Auburn fans (who must have been told it's been 2000 days by someone else since they don't have enough fingers and toes to count that high) are celebrating in this latest bit of Teagle haute couture:

Anytime Auburn fans have shirts with less than three stains and both armpits intact, it's considered high fashion.

Of course, if Auburn fans were honest about the current state of affairs, the real question to ask would be "Do you remember when Alabama had a good coach?"  So enjoy it for the next 188 days, Teagles.  That's when you'll finally see an Alabama team with a leader on the sidelines.

Update [2007-5-18 15:59:40 by Todd]:

Just thought of this...does that mean we can blame the high price of oil on Auburn?