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Bama/UCLA Solidarity?

I'm taking a brief break from my usual hardline "SEC RULZ PAC10DRULZ!!!12" stance today to show support for Bruins Nation in their quest to rid UCLA of head football coach Karl Dorrell.  After some extreme criticism of Bruins fans for expecting results from their football team, the folks over at BN put up a post to "educate" their critics:

...let's take a quick look at Karl Dorrell's "accomplishments" in Westwood:

29-20 Record (0.592)

1-3 Record in second tier bowl games (losses in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Emerald Bowls)

Embarrassing blowouts to elite teams (SUC)

Unforgivable losses to far lesser teams (UW, Arizona)

Lack of player development (Anyone watch the NFL Draft this year?)

Yes, what we have here is a full blown case of history repeating itself, at our expense.
(Former basketball coach Steve) Lavin took the greatest tradition in college basketball and ran it into the ground.
Lavin was an expert at lowering the bar and creating an atmosphere where he was not held accountable for his failures by painting the UCLA fanbase as unreasonable. In much the same way that I see parallels between KD and Lavin, I see them between our critics and Lavin's slick bar-lowering techniques.

Coming from a fanbase used to insults being thrown our way whenever we dare voice concern over a coach's abilities when his team is woefully unprepared for even the least of their opponents or share our expectations for a coach that has already achieved said expectations with another team, I'd like to wish them the best of luck in the coming season in achieving their goals or, barring that, in finding someone who can.