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Wednesday A.M. Links

Capstone Report has an interesting post up comparing JPW's "rookie year" to that of other famous SEC QBs and his numbers hold their own against some respected giants despite all of the criticism JPW gets from non-Bama fans about being a "crappy quarterback."

Paul Westerdawg of the fantabulous Georgia Sports Blog found some of the covers of the upcoming preseason college football magazines. Can't wait `til those hit the newsstand. Also, if Vandy and Tennessee get separate covers, shouldn't Alabama and Auburn get their own? I mean, WTF mate? (link is NSFW: language)

If Vandy gets their own cover we DEMAND our own cover!

Even newspapers in Tucson write stories about Alabama football, or at least houndstooth hats. It really does say something about this history of the program when a newspaper in Arizona is writing stories concerning Alabama football at this time of year. (HT: Capstone Report)

For those of you that just can't wait for football season and need to start planning your DVR schedule, portions of ESPN's Saturday Night Football schedule has been released. It might as well be called "ESPN's Saturday Night California Football With A Healthy Dose of Ohio State Thrown In For Good Measure."

The Mayor has evidence that the good people of Corvallis are big Hoover High School fans:

Those suckas in Oregon don't even have their own TV show

Rush...what's up with those shoes?

Provo Pride takes a look at the accuracy of various pre-season basketball magazines, and finds that Lindy's is the best of the bunch. Now if only someone would do the same with the football guides so I'll know which one to momentarily contemplate purchasing but instead just sit and read at The Summit Barnes and Noble!

Chris Leak signed a free agent contract with the Bears. Apparently they can't get enough of Florida QBs.

Now for the YouTube portion of your Wednesday Links:

Via SMQ, the sole reason for the continued existance of the Pac-10 for many SEC Fans:

EDSBS dares you to try and ignore the Magic Man. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of running into the Magic Man on The Strip late in the night, you are truly missing out on one of Tuscaloosa's finest characters. He does all sorts of fantastic tricks like eating fire, keeping lit cigarettes in his mouth without burning himself and swallowing coins and coughing them back up. You will frequently see him on football Saturdays, but he pops up at other times as well.