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Rolando McClain Getting Advice From Juwan Simpson?

The Decatur Daily sat down with incoming freshman Rolando McClain, and this tidbit came up:

Q: Do you talk to former Alabama linebacker and Austin High alum Juwan Simpson for advice?

A: I talk to Juwan a lot. When I went down for football games, I would talk with my former teammates at Decatur, (Alabama defensive backs) Sam Burnthall and Trent Dean, and then I would talk with Juwan. It doesn't matter where he went. He went to Alabama and now I am going there. So all the Decatur-Austin stuff is out the door.

Q: Did Juwan give any solid advice?

A: He didn't know what it is like playing with Coach Saban, but he said that playing college, the only difference is the size and speed, and I have the speed and I have the size. He said if you go in and make the impression on coaches, then you will be fine.

Hopefully he didn't give him any advice on where to purchase weed and firearms.

You knew it was coming...