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Tuesday Links and Such

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Another year, another proposal to end the "Rammer Jammer" cheer. Go sign the petition to keep it a part of Alabama football.

They would deny us the greatest pleasure known to a Bama fan?

Dennis Dodd is an idiot that looks like Quark, but he had some nice things to say about Coach Saban and Kevin Steele:

Nick Saban: He's back, and he's about to outsmart the world. Again. At LSU, his defenses showed three, four or five different looks before the snap. He made the quarterback guess who was coming after him. This will be a great year to watch Saban at his best. Alabama won't win the conference but will make waves. Make sure to watch 'Bama's swing games against Florida State, Tennessee, LSU and Auburn.

Kevin Steele, Alabama: How many guys have coached for both Tom Osborne, Bobby Bowden and been named national recruiter of the year? Steele was one of the first guys Nick Saban went after when he got the job.

Seperated at birth?

Don't forget to vote for Emeel Salem for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award. You can vote once a day, so make sure to vote every day and keep him in the lead.

Last month, The Mayor proposed an SEC-Big 12 Pigskin Challenge similar to the early season basketball showdowns between leagues.  It's a novel idea, pitting the teams of the SEC and Big 12 against each other on Labor Day weekend by order of their finish the previous season, but, like most offseason wonderings, it's an idea that will surely never see the light of day.  But with the news that Atlanta, Mobile, and Birmingham are all vying for the 2010 Alabama @ Duke contest, could there be hope for an SEC-ACC contest, with possibly the top six teams from each conference competing at neutral sites throughout the states represented by both conferences?  Using Kyle's methodology, this season's matchup would look something like this:

Florida vs Wake Forest
Arkansas vs Georgia Tech
LSU vs Virginia Tech
Auburn vs Boston College
Tennessee vs Maryland
Georgia vs Virginia

Amusingly, LSU is already scheduled to play Va. Tech in week two this season, plus there is always the likelyhood that the yearly UGA/Ga Tech and SC/Clemson rivalries could cause some reshuffling of the matchups, but those are some excellent games that I'd love to see, and there's a plethora of NFL Stadiums throughout the conference states that could be used to host them.  Just a thought.

After all the goings on in Arkansas made us look totally sane, LSU fans decided they wanted in on the "bitchcakes craziest fans in the SEC" festivities.  From SMQ:

J.T. Curtis, football coach at the John Curtis Christian School, and son of the man who founded the private school in 1962, was supposed to deliver the goods to Louisiana State.
"For Joe to go to LSU, I'm the hero, but that wasn't what Joe wanted to do," Curtis barked from behind his desk. "I was not disloyal to my state. I was loyal to my player."
The backlash has been, in the finest Southern football tradition, unkind.
"Some said I didn't have any state pride by not staying home," McKnight said. "Some would say that I'll go out there [to USC] and sit on the bench for three years."
And the ultimate insult: "Some said I was scared to play in the SEC."
Louisiana has not taken this well.
While performing in this year's Mardi Gras parade, the Curtis School's marching band got jeered.
A member of the band came back and informed J.T.: "You're marching in the next one! They want to kill you and Joe."
Curtis has been told he is "the most hated guy in the LSU community."

 I don't even know what to say about this.  Apparently, a former Oklahoma Sooner on an OU national championship team is in the closet (not that there's anything wrong with that), and his partner isn't too happy about it, as he sent in a card to PostSecret wishing he would come out.