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This Town Loves Sports

I'm just glad I didn't get put in the Corso/Herbstreit room

Tuscaloosa, like many college town has a sports fixation. The symptoms of this mania manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Some as simple as logos painted on major street intersections, flags hung from apartment and dorm balconies, grocery stores having logos painted in their windows, etc. I saw something the other day though that may show that Alabama is a little more sports crazed that most places. There are Crimson Tide sports scenes painted on the walls of the examination rooms at the Student Health Center. I'd never been in there before and I had to go to the Health Center the other day due to my face getting really irritated by shaving. I was put in the "basketball room." Since the place was pretty empty since spring semester is over, I poked my head in a few other rooms on my way out and saw a baseball room, a few football rooms and even one of Herbstreit, Corso and the Gameday crew in front of Denny Chimes. I asked friends that attended other universities if there was something similar at their campus' student health center, and they said "No, it's just more proof that Alabama is insane."