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Houndstooth Condominiums Website Controversy

I might as well go ahead and address this post over at The M Zone since it seems to be spreading around rather rapidly (AU  Nation - Tiger Droppings - I'm sure others will pop up soon.)

Houndstooth Condominiums is a new (and not yet constructed) development whose major selling point is that it is less than half a mile from Bryant-Denny Stadium. I pass this place somewhat frequently since I live in close proximity to BDS (less than 0.1 mile away) and have seen the construction site, seen their ads around town, etc. Nothing about the development struck me as particularly noteworthy as there are condos with football themed names popping up all over Tuscaloosa.

The bit stirring up all of the attention though is on their location page:

Feel like spitting on Fulmer? You'll be close enough to do it. Want to chunk a corn dog at those annoying LSU fans? Do it from your balcony. That's how close Houndstooth is to the action.

I enjoy razzing Tennessee as much as any good and right and true Bama fan, but advocating spitting on someone (even Fulmer) is too much. Yes, I realize it's "a joke," but it's an irresponsible one and one that makes us all look bad. Todd & I have repeatedly encouraged all Alabama fans to represent the university well in all that you do, whether you're selling condos, interacting with other teams' fans or replying to some journalist who is bashing on Alabama for no other reason than he knows it will get attention. When you identify yourself as an Alabama fan you are representing the University and other fans whether you want to or not. Unfortunately, our fanbase (and state) are often the target of unfair criticism. It is incredibly unfortunate that this new development chose to advertise their product in a manner that has given people a reason to bash on the University of Alabama. Our game day experience can sell itself without resorting to offering a lofty perch from which to assault others.

I remember reading University of Hawai'i message boards after last year's game and they were filled with stories of their fans' visit to Tuscaloosa and how well they were treated. Nestor over at Bruins Nation has a post up today where he fondly recalls his visit to Tuscaloosa. Those are the kind of things we should be proud of as a fan base. It bothers me that others in our fan base think throwing and spitting are okay. It's good to be loud in your stadium, it's good to create an intimidating atmosphere, but I draw the line and spitting and throwing things.  While I have a feeling that the hiring of Saban is going  to strain the relationship of some Bama and LSU fans, I've had nothing but good experiences with LSU fans. I had a great time cheering with them when they played Iowa in the Capital One Bowl and my trip to Baton Rouge last year was one of the best football road trips I've ever made. Their fans were beyond kind and lavished me with food, drink and hospitality.

Hopefully Houndstooth Condos will reconsider their sales pitch. You can easily sell the experience without resorting to this kind of childishness.

I think The M Zone is accurate in their assessment that this "is [a] black eye to Alabama fans everywhere."

Update [2007-5-23 14:37:31 by Todd]:

Though I have to admit I laughed a little at the idea of throwing corndogs at LSU fans, because my exceptionally juvenile sense of humor commands me to laugh at (and consider?) throwing corndogs at anyone, I agree that this is a complete embarassment for us. We're always talking about having class and pride, and for the most part the Bama fans I know live that out, but then someone comes along and provides more ammunition for everyone else that wants to latch onto the 5% of the fanbase that acts like a bunch of pee holes (see, juvenile!) and say we all act like that. Frustrating is not the word for this.

Update [2007-5-23 16:47:43 by Nico]:

Memphis Tider chimes in too.