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Don Shula Should Have Shot His Mouth Off Earlier

As both the Capstone Report and The Tide Druid have pointed out, Don Shula continues his vendetta against Alabama in the Florida media.  While it's easy to understand ill feelings towards a university that fired your beloved son, it's not easy to understand why one of the greatest coaches to ever walk an NFL sideline didn't, I don't know, HELP HIS FREAKING SON OUT BY SUGGESTING HE GET A NEW O-LINE COACH AND, OH, I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE QUIT CALLING HIS OWN PLAYS.  I mean, seriously, was he napping during those Alabama games he attended?  Did he not see the suck clearly on display in front of him?  Has he forgotten so much about football that the mediocre at best product his son put on the field looked like a good football team to him?  I guess so.  I never thought I'd say this, but shut your whore mouth Don Shula.  Next time you want to bad mouth Alabama for firing your son, try looking in the mirror and wondering what you could have done to help him instead.

Knew a thing or two about winning football games, but nothing about sharing that wisdom with his children.