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Spurrier Rumors Still Abound

I thought we'd heard the end of the Spurrier rumors with the hiring of Saban, but it looks like that well hasn't run dry just yet.  According to Finebaum (boo! hiss!), Spurrier was more than interested in the head coaching job well before Shula's firing:

Spurrier, who now makes about $1.75 million a year, never leaves a subject without making a profound point, and he made it clear he would have delighted in taking the Alabama job several years ago.

"If this job was open three years ago, I would have been crawling down here, begging for the job," Spurrier said.

Apparently, there was some private conversation two years into Mike Shula's tenure (in which he had compiled a mark of 10-15). However, according to Sheridan, nothing came of it.

"I let it be known after Shula's second season, with an embarrassing 10-15 record, that Spurrier was available and interested in the job," Sheridan said. "But the people in charge wanted to keep Shula. It's a shame that those people can't be held accountable and I'm not talking about Mal (Moore)."

What might have been...

Update [2007-5-29 14:57:46 by Todd]:

New Poll: Would you rather have had Spurrier step in after year two of the Shula expirement, or are you happy things worked out the way they did and we now have Saban? Full disclosure, I'm happier to have waited it out. I actually like Spurrier and respect his coaching abilities, but for some reason the idea of Spurrier in Crimson and White just doesn't sit well with me.