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Saban Soundbites has some soundbites from Coach Saban at the SEC meetings in Destin.

On accusations of recruiting violations:

"It's funny that it came from Miami."

When pressed and asked if the reports were inadequate, Saban repeated, "It's funny that it came from Miami. It's kind of funny to me."

On his opposition to a proposed early signing period:

"It would really increase the intensity of recruiting during the season, where you had more guys trying to visit during the season that it would actually impact the players you have on your team right now."

On a playoff system:

"You would solve a lot of those problems if there was just one more game," Saban said. "That would be a little better way of doing it and still respect the tradition and integrity of the bowl system. Also, the BCS bowl games would mean even more."

Saban also likes the idea of having all money raised from a championship playoff go to all student-athletes on top of their scholarships.

On...oh, just go read the whole thing.