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Saban hasn't ripped the still beating heart from Les Miles...Yet

Despite predictions of a coming mixtape war, there were no fireworks when Coach Saban and Les Miles met for the first time at the SEC Meeting in Destin:

Instead, there were hardly any words said between the two when they met for the first time at the SEC Spring Meetings at the Hilton Sandestin Beach resort this week. If anything, they kept things neat and proper, even when talking to reporters.

"I haven't noticed any difference at all," Miles said. "We're discussing the same agenda. To me, he's just another guy representing another school."

Apparently, there was no trash-talking, no cursing or even a menacing glare during the football portion of the sessions. When asked if any harsh words were uttered behind closed doors, Saban said, "About what?" and added that arguments generally don't occur during SEC meetings.

"I've never had one," Saban said. "Everybody is very respectful. Everybody has an opinion, and we don't always agree on everything. But I think it's done in a very professional way."

What a let down...