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New Bama Blogs You Should Check Out

We're long overdue on updating our blogroll to reflect the excellent new Bama blogs that are popping up.

  1. The Tide Druid has only been around for a week, but he's already put up some very strong stuff. We look forward to reading more from him in the future. Tide Druid is also a UA student.
  2. Alabama Gameday is another blog that started very recently (just last week I believe) and they also have some good stuff up. Glad to see the Bamasphere growing.
  3. Also make sure to check out Bama Nation which has blogs, chat rooms, message boards, etc.
  4. is another new(ish) Bama site. (It appears to be having some technical difficulty at the time of posting this, but make sure and try to click anyway.)
In the coming days, we'll also draw your attention to excellent blogs we've discovered about other teams or college football in general, but I figured I'd do a seperate Bama blog post first.