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Only 119 More Days Until Football: Friday Links

Todd & I have started combining links posts, so here's some Friday reading we've harvested for you:


They do things a little differently at MTSU

As I was researching potential games to attend for my Ultimate Football Project this fall, I was looking at Middle Tennessee State's site and saw the headline "Spring Practice Concludes With Fun Drills." Fun drills included flipping over tires like Magnus Samuelsson. No word yet on whether or not MetRX is going to buy the naming rights to Floyd Stadium.

Everybody seems to be amused by pictures of UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford spooning with his friend at Talladega (and to be fair, lifting kegs and hanging out with a chica as well.)

Eight in the Box compares Oklahoma 1999 with Alabama 2007.

The Mayor, as usual, tells it like it is regarding current Fulmer Cup standings. The Big 10 is currently ruling the roost in the lawless offseason and Kyle points us to the words of Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany who extolled the virtues of Big 10 character while bashing the SEC. Kyle's closing line on the subject is pure gold.

RBR user Noseguard has the best prediction so far for the 2007 season:

Darren McFadden breaks his other big toe in a bar fight before the season; is out for the rest of the year and Arkansas finishes fifth in the SEC West. Houston Nutt is tied to the back of a large Razorback hog and run out of town. Mitch Mustain transfers back to Arkansas as the first player/coach in SEC history and names his mom offensive coordinator.

Why it may not happen: He may name his mom defensive coordinator instead.


Loser With Socks has Ramzee Robinson's hilarious (and quite vulgar) letter  to the Detroit Lions, who made him Mr. Irrelevant by selecting him last in the NFL Draft.

This might be the last we hear from StuBone for awhile, since it takes a either supremely brave or a supremely foolhardy man to compare the terror that is The Orgeron to a dachshund.

A dachshund that feasts on the marrow of his victims while bathing in their still warm gore, perhaps...

A 21 year old western Kentucky man fled his home stark naked and led the police on a 40 minute foot chase on Wednesday.  He already has a scholarship offer from Cal, who are looking to replace both Marshawn Lynch and the Naked Guy.

There's nothing like a good laugh at your rivals when they do something lame.  Just ask Block U.

Behold the power of Bruins Nation.  After discovering that a UCLA athletics department's fundraising silent auction featured an Arizona Cardinals jersey signed by former USC QB Matt Leinart, they called upon their readers to demand it's removal, and wound up getting it replaced with a painting of last year's tremendous upset instead.  Good on them.

The preceding link was a thinly veiled excuse to post a picture of a smoking hot UCLA cheerleader.  You're welcome.