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Bama Softball at UT Rain Delay: UPDATE

Today's doubleheader is now a single game starting at 5pm CST and airing on ESPNU. The two squads will now play a doubleheader tomorrow, with the first game tentatively scheduled for 11am, while the second will air on ESPN at 1pm. If you're in the Tuscaloosa area, you can listen to all the games live on 90.7, or over the internet here.

Update [2007-5-6 0:31:44 by Todd]:
Well, if any of you tried to tune in, I'm sure you saw that today's game was cancelled due to weather. Tomorrow's doubleheader is now set to begin at 12pm CST, with the first game being televised on ESPN and the second to begin approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of the first (though it, much like the revolution, will not be televised). Those in the Tuscaloosa area can still listen in on 90.7, and those of us that aren't can listen over the internet by clicking here.

Update [2007-5-6 1:16:45 by Nico]:

Todd's update made me want to hear the song (and I'm sure it did the same for everybody else):