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ESPN Classic Football Schedule: 5/7-5/13

We're still 100+ days away from brand spankin' new football. ESPN Classic can help ease your jones for it though with replays. We'll present the college football replay schedule here each week to help you set your DVRs and get through the offseason.

Monday, May 7th:
1p-3p: LSU @ Kentucky (2002)

Tuesday, May 8th:
1p-3p: Colorado @ Missouri (1990)

Wednesday, May 9th:
1p-3p: Penn State vs. Miami (1987 Fiesta Bowl)

Thursday, May 10th:
1p-3p: Syracuse vs. Colorado (1993 Fiesta Bowl)

Friday, May 11th:
1p-3p: Alabama vs. Michigan (1988 Hall of Fame Bowl)
3p-5p: Nebraska vs. Texas (1996 Big 12 Championship Game)