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On Buyout Clauses (or the Lack Thereof)

The Tuscaloosa News and Paul Gattis break down the numbers and perks in Saban's contract (it is signed now, for all you worry warts).  Since there is no buyout clause, I'm sure the press and opposing fans will make a big deal about Saban leaving in three years for the NFL.  While it's possible (and, given his track record, even likely) that Coach Saban will leave in a few years for another coaching job, I for one could care less.  The man has assembled an excellent staff and is already stocking the cupboard with talent just like he did at LSU.  Are any of you worried about what will happen to the Tide if he does leave after watching a goober like Les Miles pile up a 22-4 record at LSU over the last two years thanks to the staff and team that was left to him by Coach Saban?  'Cause I know I'm not.  If he does the same thing for Alabama that he did at LSU and then bolts, then I still say he's worth every penny we pay him.