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Your RBR Friday Random Ten

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Since the Girl managed to take my iPod back to Oxford with her, damning me to a miserable week of Birmingham radio and musicless showers, the random ten this week comes courtesy of iTunes, which apparently is all about the Aerosmith this week considering the Live Bootleg bookends.

Liv Tyler got so excited at the inclusion of two of her father's performances that she had to wash her car just to calm down.

  1. Aerosmith - I Ain't Got You
  2. Shannon Worrell - Witness
  3. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - Nowhere to Run
  4. Howlin' Wolf - Rockin' Daddy
  5. Steely Dan - Do It Again
  6. Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown
  7. Gram Parsons - Big Mouth Blues
  8. Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs, and Earl Scruggs - Earl's Breakdown
  9. Sonic Youth - The Sprawl
  10. Aerosmith - Walk This Way