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Tuesday AM Links and Such

After Barnes left the Tide, Hack wrote a post entitled "Alabama football too tough for Californians," and write on cue Arrowhead Pride brought us word that the Oakland Raiders ended their off season workouts a week early because the players' union complained about "the high level of intensity, player aggressiveness and fast pace of our [the Raiders] practices."  What the crap is going on out there in Pac 10 country (which, by the way, TTALLYSUXES!!!11LOL!L!L")?

And speaking of SECXRULZPAC!0DRUULZZ!!11!!, you won't be seeing any of that from Orson or PB from now on.  While I have no problem with the rest of their proposed rules, the proclaiming of the superiority of one's conference over another is part of the great and wondorous life of a CFB fan, unless you're one of those "I don't pull for any one team, I enjoy the purity of the game" sissies, in which case, whatever, SECRULZZSISSSYPOORISTSDRUULZ!!!1!.

TideDruid runs some pre-Bama Saban YouTube down and finds, unsurprisingly, that ESPN was totally kissing his ass before he made them look like fools.

Alabama Gameday is hitting big with the interviews the past few days; First Shane from Center Point, and then Ben Cook today.

A while back I linked to Harper's attempt to count to one million, and he's finally started the count.  Go watch and tell me it isn't the most bizzarely entertaining thing you've seen this week.

Finally, next Thursday, 6/28 (the weekend comes early when you're an internet star!) Nico and I will be at the Bottletree here in Birmingham to see Voxtrot, so if any of you B'ham types want to swing by and hang out then let us know by sending an e-mail to the address up there in the top left hand corner.

Won't you come by and see me?