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I Wanna SEC You Up: The Gamecock Schedule

Date Opponent Prediction
09/01 vs South Carolina starts the season off SEC style; with a Sun Belt cupcake at home. 1-0.
09/08 at This is a tough road opener, and the O-Line won't quite be the cohesive unit it needs to be. This should be close though, since UGA's O-Line will be just as young, so I'm thinking defensive struggle. 1-1.
09/15 vs 1-AA Wofford might have given the 'Cocks fits last year, but SC State won't be as lucky. 2-1.
09/22 at Some people actually have this match up as the SEC title game. Not me, though. 2-2.
09/29 vs There was frustratingly little going on offensively last year in Starkville, but both will be improved this year. Of course, SC's will still be better. 3-2.
10/04 vs Two offenses that should be clicking by now, but only one team with a defense to stop the other. 4-2.
10/13 at Take your shirt off! With Butch Davis on the sidelines, the Tar Heels won't be the patsies we all know and love...after he has a few seasons to rebuild. 5-2.
10/20 vs I picked SC in the Vandy preview, and I'm sticking with it. 6-2, and the 'Cocks are bowl eligible.
10/27 at I picked the Vols to win this during the UT preview, but this is a swing game for the east. SC could pull the upset, and normally I'd say this is too close to call, but since I'm doing predictions I'll stick with my pick of UT. 6-3.
11/03 at After the offseason Arkansas has had, I'm expecting a meltdown of DuBosian proportions. 7-3.
11/10 vs Florida has to rebuild it's boa constrictor D that saved it from an upset last season, and I think the OBC gets another one over his alma mater. 8-3.
11/24 vs Clemson typically starts strong but falls apart at the end of the season, and I imagine the next few years will be positive ones for Gamecock fans. 9-3

So that's a 9-3 guess, and an outside shot at Atlanta for the 'Cocks if UGA and UT stumble during conference play. Tomorrow Brandon from Cock 'n Fire will be by to answer a few questions about the coming season and being an SC fan in general.