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At Roll Bama Roll, People Really Win

Contest winner Bill Hughes with his daughter Christina at last year's game against Duke

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that it was Entry #3 that won our recent "What It Means to Be Crimson Tide" contest. All of the entries were worthy of winning, but the entry from Bill Hughes of Tifton, Georgia was something really special. His entry was the unanimous winner getting both Todd's vote and my vote as well as winning the site vote by a landslide with 68% of the final tally.

A few comments about Bill's entry:


Wow, any guy willing to spend $100,000 for their kid to go to Bama because it is their dream gets my vote.

I hate UT:

Hands down the best letter.  What dedication (takin' it in the pocket book).  As a UA alumnus, loyal Bama fan, and a PhD this is just great.  I work at another university in the state and obviously value education.  To me ROLL TIDE is not just a battle cry on the field, but a message of loyalty to the univesity and all that it represents.  Onward and upward for the Capstone and Alabama's Flagship.


I figure any guy that's listening to games in the middle of the woods because that's the only place he can get radio reception deserves it.

Keep an eye on your mailbox Bill, the book is on the way: