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Wanted: Mississippi State Blogers

Because of the extreme physical and emotional pain of the State loss last year, your humble blogger's mind completely excised that game and, with it, the entire state of Mississippi in an attempt to preserve his sanity. After months of hypnotherapy, that big chunk of black next to Alabama on a map once again reads "Mississippi" and the terrible hurt of that game pains my heart anew.

I had planned on posting a picture of a creepy old hypnotist with the caption "Todd, finally getting the help he needs", but if you do a Yahoo! image search for "hypnotist" you'll only find a lot of pictures of vaguely trashy (and well endowed) women from some guy named Alex Duvall's flickr account, leading me to believe that Mr. Alex Duvall is quite possibly the awesomest guy ever.

Okay, so I didn't really forget about the State loss, but I did manage to forget about both State and Ole Miss in the previews since I had planned to go on to LSU after previewing South Carolina. Silly me. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many Mississippi State bloggers out there besides Hail Dear Ole State, and he doesn't have any contact info that I can find, so if any of you guys know of a State blogger that I should contact let me know in the comments, or if you are a State blogger and would like to participate in the Friday Q&A please drop me a line at rollbamaroll -at-

Update [2007-6-23 23:39:57 by Todd]:

Success! Both The Mississippi State Sports Blog and Hail Dear 'Ole State have agreed to participate in the Q&A, but if anyone else still wants in, the more the merrier. And speaking of the more the merrier, here's another shot from Mr. Duvall's hypnosis act!

"White chicks and gang signs...g-g-g-gang signs..."