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While real life rudely intruded...

I had a few things to take care of last night that kept me from the important business of blogging, so we'll continue on with the Mississippi State preview tomorrow.  'Til then, please accept the musical stylings of the Flying Burrito Brothers...

...and these few links:

While we're all geared up for football season and running down all the SEC teams, A Sea of Blue, being a Kentucky blog, is already looking at SEC Basketball. They've got Alabama as a pretender, and I can't say that I blame them:

On paper, Alabama is always a contender. In reality, they are usually a pretender. After years of futility being amazed by Gottfried's recruiting and appalled at his season results, I refuse to be impressed. Contender in the west, but as far as a conference championship is concerned -- Pretender.

Mark Bradley of the AJC has some interesting predictions for next season:

— Georgia will go 10-2 and come within an eyelash of rendering the reigning BCS titlist a runner-up in its own division. I see the Bulldogs winning in Knoxville but losing in Tuscaloosa.

— Alabama will win as many games (nine) as Auburn. That sound you hear is the Tigers’ window of opportunity slamming shut. Nick Saban isn’t a very nice guy, but he’s a very good coach. He’ll have the Tide playing for the SEC title within two years.

— LSU will again have the SEC’s most talented team and will again lose twice — once when the Tigers go to Tuscaloosa and get outcoached by the guy who used to coach them and then against Florida in the SEC championship game. That will serve as payback for the Gators’ loss in Baton Rouge on Oct. 6.

— Darren McFadden won’t win the Heisman because he’ll get hurt. (Louisville’s Brian Brohm will take the trophy.) Stripped of his best player and fan support, Houston Nutt will step down before Thanksgiving. He’ll announce his resignation via text message.

— Phillip Fulmer will be replaced by David Cutcliffe the first week in December. (The final straw will be Tennessee losing to Kentucky for the first time since 1984.) Hearing the news, Johnny Majors will laugh deep into January.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Your days are numbered, fat man.

Third Down Draw has an interesting proposal for the Iron Bowl:

I’d also like to see Alabama play Auburn in Panama City Beach, with Evan Williams Green Label sponsoring it and being served. Two drink minimum. I’d need a box seat for that game.

Aw, man, this couldn't have come out last week while we were previewing SC?