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And the "Re-Signs" Have It!

We've had a poll up for awhile now asking how long y'all think Saban will stick around, and out of 321 votes cast, it looks like the biggest majority of voters think he'll be hear at least five years, with those of you believing he will re-sign at the end of his contract leading the voting at 28%.

Personally, I think he stays 'til he retires. I'm sure that sounds naive to most people, but he probably burned his bridges with the NFL (where he wasn't exactly successful anyway), and it's not like any of the other major college programs would have much bargaining power considering everything he's getting (and will get later) here. But if he doesn't, oh well. It's like I've said before, even if he does leave after four or five years, he'll be leaving us with a cupboard full of talent and a ready made staff for whoever takes his place (Kevin Steele?).

So now it's time for a new poll, this one concerning the recent retirement and subsequent return of baseball coach Jim Wells.