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Georgia Fans Steal Parking Spaces

This is football read on...

Todd and I and a whole host of others went to see Voxtrot last night. Great show, had a great time. The evening was going swimmingly until I got home around 1:00 a.m. and someone was parked in my reserved parking spot. Parking is at a premium where I live and like I said the spaces are reserved. As a matter of fact, the sign mentioning that the spaces are reserved is right in front of my parking spot. The guest lot is admittedly kind of obnoxious and you have to walk a bit to get from it to apartments on the side of the complex I live on. That's irrelevant though, seeing as the spaces are reserved and all.

So, after a great night of music, I return home to find my parking spot a Georgia fan. Georgia license plate, Georgia logo sticker on the back, Georgia alum sticker on the car...there's no doubt about it, this vehicle belongs to a dawg. I'm not into being rude, but when someone does park in my spot, I leave a polite note on their car reminding them that parking is reserved in this complex (and that violators are subject to towing) and kindly ask them to refrain from doing so in the future.

If this was a few years ago, I wouldn't have done what I did, but seeing as UGA is on the schedule this year, I left this message under the windshield:


Parking in this complex is reserved and is never up for grabs after a certain hour. It's 1:00 a.m. and I now have to hunt for a parking space a significant distance away from where I live. Please park in the guest lot in the future as it is the fair thing to do since these spots are paid for by residents.


PS - Roll Tide! We'll see you guys on 9/22!

I figured adding in a little good natured football talk would diffuse any anger about the note.

Ramesh & Jason of Voxtrot
Voxtrot brought the rock

Jason Chronis of Voxtrot
Todd was convinced Jason Chronis looked like a young Mr. Bean (Todd- AND HE TOTALLY DOES!)