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UTEP at Bama 2008 Not Going to Happen?

There's no real basis for this other than message board rumors (and we all know how often those come true), but I figured I'd bring it up since we started getting a decent number of hits from a UTEP board called citing our posting of the 2008 schedule back from December of last year.

One UTEP fan, MinerGold states unequivocally, that the game is already cancelled:

That game has been cancelled. I repeat it will not happen.

Someone on the forums had this to say about it:

I have it on pretty good authority that there is already an agreement in place to opt out of that game for $50K. The game was contracted many years ago before Price was ever a story at Bama and both sides agree that the coverage that game would generate would not be good for all parties involved.

I didn't do an exhaustive search, but I sifted through several pages of search results on both Google and Yahoo and couldn't find anything about it being cancelled. Neither teams' fans posted any links showing that it has been cancelled, so I can only assume it's still on.

That does beg the question though, should we go ahead with this game? Is it a lose-lose situation for us and a win-win for UTEP/Mike Price? Is it irrelevant in 2008? Will ESPN, Sports Illustrated and others have a field day with it if the game proceeds as scheduled? Discuss.