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Cursed Real Life

If you haven't noticed, there's been a certain lack of actual Alabama content around here for the past few days. Nico has been on the road and I've been pulling down some serious hours at work in a vain attempt to stay caught up, and there's been some stories we probably should have commented on but just didn't get to:

-The Bryant-Stalin Museum comparison by a yankee reporter, for example, should have warranted a "SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH" post, especially considering it came from the New York Times, a media outlet that's been getting "SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH" treatment from the blogosphere for some time.

-The supposed "verbal hand grenade" our own Coach Saban lobbed at UGA coach Mark Richt, and the ensuing war of words.

-Brodie Croyle's engagement, if only because the future Mrs. Croyle is hot and also scandalously young.  So, you know, good on him.

But mostly I'm upset that I missed out on getting into the Ladies... hot blogger bracket.  I mean, with this body I'd be a lock for the final four:

With all the McPhee pictures we put up around here, it's finally time for a little something for the ladies.

So go vote for Kyle, Peter Bean, and Orson instead, so maybe at least someone we like will win.