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Saturday YouTube and Links Fondly Recalls 9th Grade...

...if only for the music:

Not much going on out there Bama wise, so here's a few quick hits 'til we start the UT (boo! hiss!) preview on Monday.

 Loser With Socks runs down a day in the life of Coach Saban (warning: language):

4:29 AM - Play game of NCAA 07. Beat LSU 63-0.

With Valdosta State.

5:00 AM - Think about how even EA sports makes Les Miles looks like a walking bobblehead doll.

 Hack is doing a series on Furman Bisher, the ####### ##### who's article claiming Coach Bryant and UGA Coach Wally Butts "fixed" a game brought about the bankruptcy of the Saturday Evening Post.  The first two parts of his podcast are up (part 1, part 2), so go check those out while we wait on part 3.

 Bama Nation thinks the opener against Western Carolina will be the LF game, but I kind of doubt it.  The University will make far more off of the game if it's PPV, and if it's the LF game they'll have to kick off earlier than they'd like.

Block U has Ten Things You Should Know About College Football:

9. Coaches are gods or goats. While college football players play a vital role in your fandom, it's the head coaches that are the show. That means you're either really lucky and you have that stud coach everyone secretly wishes they had. Or you're Duke, and have a guy by the name of Ted Roof that has won only 5 games in 4 years. However coaches are like hot girlfriends, they're great when they're on your arm, but you're constantly checking over your shoulder knowing someone's looking to sweep in on your action.