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Wednesday's "Friends O' RBR" Links

To borrow a bit from Fark, "Old and Busted: podcasts. New Hottness: Internet Radio Shows." So go check out Hack's inaugral broadcast from last night. It's mostly just him and some tech guy from Now Live chatting and working out the kinks, but he does refer to us as "the premier Alabama blog on the internet," so ONE HUNDRED COCKTAILS to him.

And speaking of cocktails, Maize 'n Brew is getting into the preview racket, breaking down Michigan's Big 10 and OOC foes and giving an overview of the rest of the conferences, all at a breakneck pace I wouldn't dare attempt even if I didn't have to work and was all hopped up on goofballs. He might have "borrowed" my code for the schedules, but I'll forgive him, 'cause he's good people and mom taught us to share.

There might be funnier Michigan blogs, and there might be more verbose Michigan blogs, but the one that proclaims his desperate love of beer right there in the title is the one for me.

Pete Holliday's Holiday's dire warnings of a coming robot uprising countdown onslaught are coming true! EDSBS and Block U are now on board the countdown bandwagon! What madness have we wrought?!?!

And finally, one for our fellow McPhee admirers on the message boards.

You're welcome.