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The C&W Roundtable - Week Four

Last week Tide Druid took over the hosting duties for the Crimson and White Roundtable, wanting to know who we're afraid of, who should be afraid of us, and if it's important for Saban to win his first bowl game. The general consensus on the upsets was, basically, anyone and everyone, with an altogether unsettling fear of Vanderbilt. I think Nico put it best:

We can compete with anyone. With better off the field discipline/training and infinitely better game management from Coach Saban, I'd say that some of those losses from last year could have been victories with him in charge instead of Shula. The other four regular season losses were by an average margin of 4.75 points. Coach Saban is good enough to turn one or two of those into wins.

On the other side of the coin, we are in an extremely tough conference and the bad teams are getting better. Vanderbilt beat Georgia last year and they lost to Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss by a touchdown or less.

As for the bowl, though, nearly everyone but me seemed less concerned with winning the bowl than seeing continual improvement over the course of the season. Weird.

This week it's Eight in the Box's turn and he's concerned with last season's biggest source of frustration for Crimson Tide fans: The Red Zone.

Why do you think the Tide offense had trouble scoring touchdowns inside the red zone the last few seasons?

Do you think the Tide's red zone offense will be improved this season and why?

Who is your go to guy on offense when the TIde is inside the 20?

Pay him a visit to see our responses and those of your other favorite Tide bloggers.

If JP had been given the kind of run/pass option that Montana has here we might not have had to resort to tackle eligible trickery to get into the end zone last season.