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Deadrick/Upchurch Rumors Abound

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The rumors are flying over Deadrick and Upchurch. Tide Druid and EDSBS are there.


I was on the strip Friday and Upchurch and Deaderick, and three other assumed football players I didn't recognize, tried getting some underage girls into the Legacy. They got in an arguement (sic) and subsequent fight with the bouncers over it and UAPD and TPD responded. A big fight with the 5 players and the police went down. Upchurch and Deaderick got taken in by TPD and the other three were hauled in by UAPD. Deaderick head-butted the back window out of the patrol car and had to be maced by the cops to get him under control. Why isn't this on the news or in the papers?

You know how I know that one is made up? No on tries to get underage girls into Tuscaloosa bars. You know how an underage girl gets into a bar in Tuscaloosa? She uses the door. Oh yeah, that whole head-butting the window out of a patrol car thing sounds kind of ridiculous, too.

Also, Tide Druid runs the message board links down, so I don't have to.

Update [2007-7-16 12:19:10 by Todd]:

This doesn't have anything to do with the arrests, but I've had "Waiting Around to Die" stuck in my head all day because of it so here's your Monday Musical YouTube:

I came of age and I found a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar...