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New Poll: Favorite SEC Road Trip

Our friends over at Dawg Sports recently had a poll question asking what SEC town/stadium besides their own was their favorite to visit. Jacksonville won for them, so maybe we should all take that as a cue to get our butts down there for the FSU game.

We can only set our polls for a maximum of 10 responses so that means one SEC town gets left out. In some ways, the obvious choice is Starkville (because I've heard fans of all SEC teams make fun of it), but I decided it belongs in our poll because it is physically the closest SEC town to Tuscaloosa. I opted to leave Fayetteville out of the poll since I've heard fans of almost all SEC teams complain about how far away it is and that many people skip it because of its remote location.  

I've only been to games at three SEC stadiums besides BDS: Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State. I have been to a basketball game in Gainesville though. Of the remaining SEC cities, I've also visited Athens, Nashville, Oxford and Knoxville. I have not been to Lexington, Fayetteville and Columbia. I do plan on visiting all of them eventually.

We have five road games this year and our friend Tide Druid did a visitor's guide to each of the five that you can read here: Nashville, Jacksonville, Oxford, Starkville, Auburn.