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NCAA '08 Is Here...

...and I could not be more pleased.

If you'll click to enlarge, you'll see that three weeks in the Tide hasn't given up a TD yet, and blanked the ninth ranked Razorbacks. I'd love it if this is how the season really shook out, but if this thing happens to be any real indicator of how the actual Tide will play, the following things are going to suck:

1. Jimmy Johns will fumble. A lot.
2. So will Nikita Stover.
3. Matt Caddell will drop every wide open pass thrown his way.
4. So will Simeon Castille.
5. The O-line? Is not better.
6. The D-line? Monstrously evil and itching to tear the opposing QB's head off, or at least take out both knees in one fell swoop. Okay, that won't suck.
7. Greg McElroy can't throw, and Jimmy Johns can't catch (I had the 2nd string in for most of the Western Carolina game, that's how I know).
8. JP? Not as fast as we thought.
9. Chris Nickson? Is as fast we thought.

Oddly enough, Georgia is 1-2 as I prepare to face them, which is terribly anticlimactic, but what are you gonna do?