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Lazy Week Links and Such

Five weeks into the dynasty, and the Tide is still undefeated, posting a 27-10 win over UGA and a 21-16 nailbiter at Florida State (sorry Buc 'Em). Both teams managed a Pick 6, but FSU scored the only offensive TD of the season so far.

Speaking of Tide dynasties, Memphis Tider started his last night, too, while TideDruid is debating whether or not to buy '08 now or wait 'til he can get a better system.

A Sea of Blue has a response to yesterday's UK preview, and other than the Vandy loss they're right there with me. Also, Ashley Judd is a Kentucky fan:

And judging by the hockey jersey, not just of the revenue sports either!

Finally, Corn Nation is at it again, this time reviewing Career in Crisis, about the 1971 Crimson Tide season, and I'm sure the fact that season ended in a loss to Nebraska for the National Title had nothing to do with his desire to read it. All kidding aside, though, it sounds like an excellent read.