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Alabama-UTEP Cancelled After All

According to Cecil Hurt, the Alabama-UTEP match in 2008 has, in fact, been cancelled:

UTEP athletics director Bob Stull said in a telephone interview on Friday that the two schools had come to a mutual agreement and that the game will not be played on Oct. 11, 2008, after all.

"We're not going to play," Stull said.

"We both have games that we are more interested in playing, so we mutually agreed to go in (another) direction."

Let's hope the game Alabama is interested in playing is a marquee one, instead of something along the lines of Western Kentucky, Tulane, and Northern Illinois, teams that represent the rest of the '08 OOC schedule.

Come on scheduling people, there's some sweet (drunken?) revenging to be had!

There is some wiggle room for the Athletic Department regarding scheduling. The 10/11 date that the Miners occupied on the schedule isn't the only open date for the Tide. 9/13 and 11/22 (between LSU and Auburn) are both open, with the 9/13 date looking like a prime spot to sway a respectable team for an early season match up. Looking at some future schedules on, the '08 schedules of Boston College, our old friends Hawaii, Louisville, North Carolina, NC State, TCU, Texas, and Texas Tech all have an open 9/13 and/or only 3 OOC opponents scheduled so far, and you can't tell me that you wouldn't LOVE to see Alabama take on any one of those teams during the regular season.