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Monday Links and Such

I had planned on starting the Georgia preview today, but I've been busy over the weekend beating ass in '08, cowering in fear of my fellow UAB fans, and generally letting lazy week spill right on over into lazy weekend. Plus, my internet was down when I sat down to start it yesterday afternoon and that just killed any will that I might have had for serious blogging.

Please direct all complaints concerning the late start of the UGA preview to Charter Communications. Be prepared to hold.

So in the meantime, please enjoy these links while I hide under my bed with a flashlight and the Phil Steele preview.

The Birmingham News had an article in yesterday's paper about Thomas Rayam, the linebacker that blocked Penn State's game winning field goal in '89. Apparently, he's surprised Alabama fans still remember him.

Of course we still remember him. Nico was once in awe of his immense stature, and that was the game that cemented my fanatical faith in the Crimson Tide, a subject I really should do a post about since just about everyone else has done one.

Speaking of beating ass in '08, the dynasty continues with the Tide ranked #2 after besting Auburn 34-16 and earning a trip to Atlanta to face South Carolina. I was sweating the BCS rankings since I was #4 before the Iron Bowl behind the equally undefeated Southern Cal, West Virginia, and Oklahoma, but the Iron Bowl win was enough to convince the computer voters to jump the Tide past the 'Eers, while OU occupies the #1 spot after USC stumbled against UCLA in spectacular fashion.

A little something for our friends at Bruins Nation.

Tampa Bay's Gruden to succeed Fulmer at UT? Memphis Tider knows a few Vols who seem to think so.

It's Monday, and you're looking for a way to goof off at work. The Georgia Sports Blog has you covered.

Texas merchandise is getting ridiculous.

As is Oregon State's.

And finally, our sweetheart is considering getting a tattoo.

If I manage to avoid the mob of Green and Gold hooligans that are currently combing the streets of Birmingham looking for me, I'll get the Georgia Preview started tomorrow. If not, I'll likely (and ironically!) be in the UAB hospital for the next few days. Pray for me.