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SEC Media Day Quotes: Not So Much

After spending a good half hour reading through the transcripts and cutting and pasting the better quotes into wordpad in order to format them for the post, my computer decided it wanted no more of Steve Spurrier's wit and promptly performed an illegal operation, 'causing me to lose all the quotes and HTML formatting. So yeah, if you want to know what Spurrier, Nutt, Brooks, and Tomma Tubaveel all had to say, you're going to have to do the legwork yourself.

...and ur HTML...

Anyway, here's some links to go to for all your SEC Media Day Wednesday coverage, and hopefully this will work out a little better tomorrow night.

The SEC website has the transcripts. is all over it with both liveblogging and video.

TideSports has video and blogging going on as well, plus the news that Kevin Scarbinsky (or K-scar, as I like to call him) was wearing green pants with matching snakeskin shoes.

You know how I know Kevin Scarbinsky is gay? Okay, I promise that was the last "you know how I know..." joke for at least a month!

MaconDawg has some questions we'd all like answers to, but that probably won't get asked.

EDSBS thinks Tubbaveel is the poor man's Spurrier as far as quotes/zingers go.

Eight in the Box thinks we should head over and give Houston Nutt a hug.