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I Wanna SEC You Up: The Georgia Schedule

Date Opponent
09/01 vs
09/08 vs
09/15 vs
09/22 at
09/29 vs
10/06 at
10/13 at
10/27 vs
11/03 vs
11/10 vs
11/17 vs
11/03 at
I'm not going to make many specific win/loss predictions here, 'cause this is just a monster of a schedule, and the SEC East is too crazy to really make heads or tails of these days. I will say, though, that the division looks like a two horse race between UGA and UT, and I'll be shocked (shocked!) if the Dawgs don't manage ten wins during the regular season.

Mark Richt has yet to lose an OOC regular season game while at UGA, despite the fashionable "BOISERULZ SECDRUZLLLZ!!!111121!" stance a few years back. This season, though, Oklahoma State opens in Athens, a team whose impressive rushing attack Bama fans recall all too well, and they'll be looking to bleed a young front seven for as many yards as possible. They weren't terribly good on defense, though, so this one is manageable for the UGA offense, though probably very frustrating for UGA fans.

South Carolina visits next, and we all know the OBC loves to run up a score between the hedges. An improving defense coupled with the always inventive Spurrier offense makes SC a darkhorse for the east, but I've already called this one for UGA on the basis of a young 'Cock o-line.

9/15 sees the 1-AA Western Carolina Catamounts visting Athens, giving the Dawgs a much needed breather before a road trip to Tuscaloosa and five straight weeks with only one home game.

Replacing Mississippi State in the divisional rotation is our own beloved Tide. It's against my nature to pick against Alabama, but I've been quite clear about my fears that an experienced UGA offense could have it's way with a still learning Tide D. Both teams have exceptionally talented secondaries and youthful front sevens, so this game could turn out to be a showcase for each team's backfield.

Ole Miss is the last home game 'til November, and the Rebels gave UGA all they wanted in Oxford last season. The Dawgs should easily handle the Rebels in Athens this year, though, with Stafford finally finding his way into the offense against a suspect Ole Miss D.

The month of October will be spent on the road, with a trip to Knoxville on 10/6 giving the Dawgs a chance for sweet, sweet revenge after last year's pounding in Athens. I've already picked UGA to win this one based on the strength of their secondary's ability to shut the UT offense down. This is an important game for the eastern division, and I can really see the east coming down to UT or UGA.

Vandy stole one in Athens last year, and the Dawgs are thirsting for revenge. Even though Vandy is an improving program, last year's offensive struggles will be behind UGA this year, and the 'Dores don't stand a chance.

Next up is the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and this is a tough one to call. Florida owns UGA right now, though they're due for a letdown after last year's MNC run on the backs of a veteran defense. UGA has a chance to finally score some points in Jacksonville (since Richt's arrival, they've only scored more than 1 TD against Florida twice). Another hugely important game in the eastern division.

Finally the Dawgs are back in Athens, taking on the ever stingy defense of Troy. Could be a "trap" game for the Dawgs, but so far the Trojans have really only scared the BCS elite without actually winning.

The rival Teagles (whom I hear Kyle hates), make their way to Athens after being humiliated last season. This is a weird rivalry, with the visiting team usually getting the better of the home team. I expect the Teagles to have a rough year behind a horribly inexperienced o-line and without a proven RB (though Ben Tate is nothing to laugh at). Auburn's D will be stout again, but I think the Dawgs have a good shot at getting the best of them.

For their final home game, the Wildcats come calling, and UGA looks to deliver some more sweet, sweet vengeance. An opportunistic D for Kentucky was the difference in last year's game, as the Dawgs finished at a -3 turnover margin. This should be remedied this year.

Finally, the regular season ends with a trip to Atlanta to take on the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets. UGA has won six in a row, and could easily extend the streak to seven this year.