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Saban at Media Days

It's official, Saban has arrived:

At precisely 8:07 a.m., a cadre of handlers -- i.e. the UA media relations staff and SEC personnel -- burst through the doors of the Wynfrey hotel, crept into the lobby and met the dozens of people lined up to see the man of the hour. Saban gave a quick "How we doing?" He did not sign autographs or stop and chat. Then, the sea of Crimson in the lobby parted as the entourage zipped through. With that, he was up escalator and into a holding room before his first official appearance at 8:40 a.m. in the Radio/Internet section. will be covering the hell out of it, so be sure and check out the live blogging and eventual video of Saban, Simeon Castille, and Antoine Caldwell.

Update [2007-7-26 13:31:5 by Todd]: has video up of Saban, Castille, and Caldwell. Most of Saban's portion is the usual Saban-speak we've been hearing since he got here, but it was revealed he has decided to keep the punishments for the arrested players "in house":

We will handle all discipline internally with our team. It will not be a public deal. All right? These players have been given things they need to do, and they are doing them. If they do them properly, learn from their mistakes, improve as people, then they won't face any suspensions or anything that will affect their ability to perform on the field.

However, if they don't do those things, then the consequences could affect their ability to represent the University of Alabama on the football field.

I'm sure y'all are as frustrated as I am about that after ClubShula's poor track record with team discipline. Still, I have a lot more faith that Saban will actually do something to discipline these guys and make sure everyone knows to stay in line, even if we don't know what the discipline entailed.