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More TV/Kickoff Times Announced

CBS (or the Constantly Bama Station as my friend from Auburn likes to call it) has announced that Alabama will be featured on their broadcasts at least three times this year. The Georgia, Tennessee and LSU games are the ones they're definitely showing with three other games (Ole Miss, Florida State and Auburn) being listed as possibilities. I'm not too crazy about the potential 12:30 kick off of the Iron Bowl. I'd rather it be on ESPN if that means it can start later.

Here's what the schedule looks like so far (games that are set are in bold):

Date - Opponent - Time - (Channel)
09/01 - Western Carolina: TBA (TBA)
09/09 - at Vanderbilt: 11:30 (Lincoln Financial)
09/15 - Arkansas: 5:45 (ESPN)
09/22 - Georgia: 2:30 (CBS)

09/29 - vs. Florida State: TBA (TBA)
10/06 - Houston: TBA (TBA)
10/13 - at Ole Miss: TBA (TBA)
10/20 - Tennessee: 2:30 (CBS)
11/03 - LSU: 4:30 (CBS)

11/10 - at Mississippi State: TBA (TBA)
11/17 - Louisiana-Monroe: TBA (TBA)
11/24 - at Auburn: TBA (TBA)

Thoughts/observations about other games:

  • The game against Western Carolina may get picked up by Lincoln Financial. I'm guessing Alabama and Florida are fighting to not have their opener televised again (gotta love that PPV money!)
  • Houston & LA-Monroe are candidates for PPV
  • Mississippi State will probably be a Lincoln Financial game given the other, bigger SEC games taking place that day
  • Everything else will either be on CBS or one of ESPNs

Potentially having only two PPV games is awesome considering there were four last year. Hopefully there will be no more than three LF games.