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Tuesday Links & Randomness

Memphis Tider recently posted some photos of JaMarcus Russell sporting some Crimson Tide bling the night before the NFL draft. Odd to say the least. Man, I wish that guy had played at Bama. Based on the the last several years of both teams though, I unfortunately can't really blame him for his choice to go out of state. At least he didn't go to The Barn.

I know this is kind of old, but I haven't done a links posts in a while. Stuart Mandel picks two Alabama games as part of an article titled "Ten Showdowns That Could Shape the 2007 Campaign." If you're too lazy to click through to the story, he picks the games against LSU & FSU. Yet another sign that we're pointed in the right direction as a program.

Oregon blog Addicted to Quack has an amusing mailbag post up.

Tide Druid has breaking news of a presidential pardon of our own Nick Saban.

The Georgia Sports Blog breaks down who has owned UT in Knoxville. Unsurprisingly, several of our coaches made that list. Here's hoping Saban can be the next Tide coach on the list.

Lastly, I must begrudgingly give praise to The Barn for scheduling a home and away series with Clemson in 2010/2011. I know we've got FSU this year and Penn State and Georgia Tech on the horizon, so we're stepping it up too, but I think they're doing a better job in out of conference scheduling than us. They have West Virginia in '08 and '09, while our best two OOC games for those seasons so far are UTEP and Northern Illinois. We still have some empty slots on our 2009 schedule so hopefully we'll see some vast improvement over the dreadful 2008 slate. Westerdawg shows Auburn's OOC schedule through 2011.