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Your RBR Friday Random Ten

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I suppose I'm a little late with this but, a) I didn't wake up until about an hour ago (vacation w00t!) and b) I forgot it was friday (again, vacation w00ts!). So here is this week's Random Ten. Y'all know how to play, just put your iPod/Zune or whatever on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up. And in celebration of the fact that this week's Random Ten might be the coolest Random Ten I'll ever post, here's a bonus, crazy sexy McPhee:

You're welcome.

1. The High Dials - Diamonds in the Dark
2. Black Sabbath - Iron Man
3. Ghostface Killah - Back Like That
4. The Legends - He Knows the Sun
5. Johnny Cash - Hey Porter
6. Matt Costa - Sunshine
7. Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors
8. Hank Williams Jr. - Now I Know How George Feels
9. Ben Harper - Breakin' Down
10. The Black Keys - Aeroplane Blues