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The C&W Roundtable: Tide Druid's Time to Shine

Last week Memphis Tider wanted to know about our superstitions, and I'd have to say Hack's was hands down the weirdest:

One gameday suspicion of mine is that my mom has to jump in the shower when it's close in the fourth quarter.
Your RBR Friday "Predictable 'Psycho' Reference."

After that startling revelation, it's nice to know that Tide Druid isn't concerned with superstition and would rather get some thoughts on the coming season. He asks:

Based on the rankings and our strengths & weaknesses, is there a team you can see Alabama upsetting this season? Likewise, is there a team that could upset Alabama? If so, please name them both.

Finally, how important is it for Nick Saban to win a bowl game his first season as head coach?

Go here to find out our thoughts, and be sure to leave your own in the comments.